Why wooden cutting boards are better than plastic

Why wooden cutting boards are better than plastic

The debate between wooden and plastic cutting boards has been ongoing for many years. While both materials have advantages and disadvantages, we believe wooden cutting boards are the superior option for a number of reasons.

Wooden cutting boards are more durable than plastic cutting boards. Plastic boards become scratched and grooved over time, creating a difficult-to-clean breeding ground for bacteria. Conversely, wooden boards have inherent antimicrobial properties that make them more hygienic.

Moreover, wooden cutting boards are kinder to your knives. Plastic cutting boards' hard surface can quickly dull knife blades, making food preparation more difficult and hazardous. Wooden cutting boards are softer and gentler on knives, allowing them to remain sharper for longer.

Additionally, wooden cutting boards are more sustainable than plastic ones. Plastic cutting boards that have reached the end of their useful lives cannot be recycled and will be sent to a landfill. Conversely, wooden cutting boards can be easily recycled or repurposed into other products.

At Green Marble Club, we provide a variety of stylish and eco-friendly wooden cutting boards. Our cutting boards are comprised of sustainably sourced materials, making them an ethical choice for your kitchen. Additionally, they look great on your counter!

Plastic cutting boards may initially appear to be the more convenient option, but wooden cutting boards are superior in terms of durability, hygiene, and sustainability. Today, make the switch to wooden cutting boards for a safer, more environmentally-friendly kitchen.