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Cedar BBQ Premium Grilling Plank

All Natural - 100% Organic - 100% Western Red Cedar from Canada

5.5" x 15" (1/3" Thickness)

2 Piece Set Sealed

Easy to use and fast soaking

Saturated for more water absorption

Intended for single use only

Easy disposal

Environmentally safe

100% made from nature

Well polished with no splinters

Great gift for friends and family

Great for cooking and BBQ:


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Are you a restaurant or food delivery?

Green Marble Club offers wood disposable cutlery products to help replace plastic utensils and plastic waste.

Green Marble Wooden utensil are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic disposable cutlery.

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Disposable 5 in 1 Wood Cutlery Kit

Green Marble Club partners with restaurants, cafes, catering events, and mom and pop shops to help supply utensils and food ware products. 

Why use the Green Marble Cutlery Kit:

Order our 5 in 1 Disposable Wooden Cutlery kit that includes a wooden knife, fork,spoon, napkin, and a hand sanitizer wipe.

Saves time and hassle of having your employees wrap napkins and utencils

Great for take out and delivery orders

Ideal to comply with local or state food health regulatory requirements

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